TBEA Dushanbe Mining Industry Ltd, which is an affiliate of China’s Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Co. Ltd (TBEA), has completed half of the work on construction of the gold processing plant and ancillary facilities in Ayni district of the northern province of Sughd, Tajikistan, according to the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Tajikistan (MoINT).

TBEA Dushanbe Mining Industry Ltd is at the middle stage of of completion of construction of the processing plant and ancillary facilities at Kumarghi Bolo (Upper Kumargh) and Duobai Sharqi (Eastern Duoba) gold deposits, a MoINT says.   

A total cost of the project is 272 million somonis (equivalent to 24 million U.S. dollars).  

Recall, the Chinese company started mining gold at the mentioned deposits in 2019.  

Tajik government granted licenses to develop two gold deposits in the country to TBEA in exchange for construction of a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Dushanbe.

Under the reached agreements, TBEA reportedly has the right to develop the deposits until it recovers expenses made on construction of the Dushanbe-2 CHP plant.

After that, new agreements on development of these deposits will be concluded with the company under other conditions.

According to expert estimates, one ton of these deposits’ ore contains more than two grams of gold.  

TBEA in 2013 received necessary licenses from the Government of Tajikistan to conduct exploration operations at both these deposits until 2017.  The company was also exempted from customs duties and value added tax on import of equipment.

A total cost of the Dushanbe-2 CHP plant constructed by TBEA is 349 million U.S. dollars, including a US$17.4 million contribution of the Tajik Government.

Xinjiang Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Co. Ltd (TBEA) is one of the largest electrical manufacturing groups in China and the first floated stock company in Chinese A Shore Market in transmission industry of China after merging the former Hengyang Transformer Works (a large-size stated company founded in 1958 and located in Hunan province, China), and well-known for manufacturing all kinds of high voltage power transmission, transformation and distribution equipment.  Under the administration of TBEA, there are 10 large backbone factories, 5 research institutes, 6 business entities and 8 participated enterprises.