Sputnik Tajikistan reported on December 19 that Tajik Transport Minister Azim Ibrohim has said that now the delivery of imported goods from Japan, Korea, Singapore and other Asian countries through Pakistan to Tajikistan will become more affordable.

According to him, this became possible after Tajik parliament approved a new transport agreement between Tajikistan and Pakistan.  

The main objective of this government-to-government agreement is in finding ways to access seaports, the minister said, noting that the agreement opens up wide opportunities for the access of domestic carriers to “new geography.” 

“In particular, access to Karachi and Gwadar ports in Pakistan will facilitate multimodal transportation and connection to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor,” Mr. Ibrohim told Golos Naroda newspaper in an interview, according to Sputnik Tajikistan.  

The minister reportedly noted that the agreement provides for the transportation of new cargo – various technical equipment, spare parts and lubricants for vehicles – from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.  

Azim Ibrohim concluded that such a route would become the most important alternative way of transporting goods also from Tajikistan to Southeast Asia’s countries.