The Civil Aviation Agency under the Government of Tajikistan has demanded that airlines operating flights to the Russian Federation immediately lower airfare prices.

“This issue was raised at an extraordinary meeting of the Civil Aviation Agency that took place in Dushanbe on January 18.  Representatives of air carriers operating flights from Tajikistan to Russia and back – Utair, Ural Airlines, Northwind Airlines, Siberia Airlines (S-7) and Somon Air – also attended the meeting,” Safarali Qurbonzoda, the first deputy head of the Tajik Civil Aviation Agency, told Asia-Plus in an interview. 

According to him, the Civil Aviation Agency has demanded that they explain the reason for inflated prices and lower air ticket prices immediately.

“They were warned that if they do not lower airfares, the Agency will take measures concerning further operation of flights by them,” Qurbonzoda said, adding that official letters were sent for top managers of those airlines.  

The Civil Aviation Agency reportedly once again reminded the air companies that the price for a return ticket from Tajikistan to Russia tickets should not exceed US$500.00.

It is to be noted that tickets for flights from Tajikistan to Russia have gone up significantly since January 10.  Thus, a ticket for the Dushanbe-Moscow flight, previously from 2,000 to 3,000 somonis, now costs more than 6,000 somonis.