The spokesman for Iran Customs Administration announced on April 30 that Iran-Tajikistan trade in the past Iranian calendar year (ending on March 20, 2022) has seen a 453-percent growth compared with the preceding year.

Rouhollah Latifi told IRNA that the value of trade exchanges between the two countries has been over 131 million U.S. dollars in the past year.

The figure has reportedly been for over 139 tons of commodities, which shows 489 percent increase in weight in the mentioned period compared with that of the previous year, the official added.

Iran’s trade exchanges with Tajikistan have accelerated over the past three months, according to Latifi.

Building materials, agricultural products, foodstuff, various vaccines and medicines, detergents, shoes, cloths, glass tableware, electronic tools, toys, etc. have been among Iran’s exports to Tajikistan.