The average monthly nominal wage in Tajikistan is almost two times less than in the poorest country - a member of the Eurasian Economic Union - Kyrgyzstan.

The average monthly nominal salary in Kyrgyzstan in June of this year amounted to $365, according to the bulletin of the EAEU “Socio-demographic indicators”.

It is noted that the average salary in Kyrgyzstan increased by 42.5% compared to June 2021, which is the highest among all other EAEU member countries..

The average salary in Armenia from June 2021 to June this year increased by 16.9% (up to $556), in Belarus - by 12.7% (up to $628), in Kazakhstan - by 24.1% (up to $666), and in Russia - by 12.2% (up to $1164).

The average monthly nominal salary in Tajikistan, according to the local statistical agency, was 1,907 somoni ($185) in June this year, which is 10.1% more compared to June 2021.