The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on May 11 launched the new five-year, $19 million Market Driven Rural Development (MDRD) Activity. 

The US Embassy in Dushanbe says MDRD will accelerate Tajikistan’s agriculture sector growth and enable inclusive access to economic opportunities in rural communities across the nation.

MDRD will support increased competitiveness and resilience of Tajikistan’s agriculture sector by linking individual farmers and other agribusinesses along the value chain and encouraging close and beneficial cooperation.  The value chains for stone fruits, vegetables, specialty crops, and dairy products will be strengthened through building the capacity of value chain actors and increasing investment to these targeted value chains.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan Manuel Micaller, noted, “This project aligns with the goals of the Government of Tajikistan’s new Agri food systems and sustainable development program and will contribute to the transformation of Tajikistan’s economic base from agrarian to agro – industrial.”  MDRD will sustainably improve the economic well-being of farmers, youth, and women involved in agriculture markets in Tajikistan, while supporting the adoption of climate smart agriculture.

Sylvia J. Megret, President and CEO, ACDI/VOCA noted: “Together, we bridge diverse stakeholders in joint development efforts, sharing technical resources and on-the-ground presence to achieve the objectives of our partners and donors.  Our new project in Tajikistan promotes locally driven market solutions to ensure durable outcomes for economic prosperity and social inclusion.”

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