CJSC "First Microfinance Bank" announces the launch of "FMFB MOBILE," its new cutting-edge mobile application.  Press release issued by the Bank says this innovative platform provides customers with a seamless, user-friendly, and secure way to execute over 400 different types of transactions.

“With "FMFB MOBILE," our goal is to empower customers with the flexibility to manage their banking activities conveniently online. Whether it's day or night, clients can now leverage the application 24/7 to swiftly carry out transactions in mere seconds, eliminating the need to physically visit bank branches or offices. The application boasts an intuitive user interface, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users of all levels of familiarity with digital banking.

"First Microfinance Bank" is now right at your fingertips, providing unparalleled accessibility and convenience.

“In the "FMFB MOBILE" mobile application, clients can seamlessly manage all their accounts, explore new product offerings, and reach out to technical support. This comprehensive array of features in the "FMFB MOBILE" application from "First Microfinance Bank" is designed to cater to diverse customer needs across various areas, featuring a modern design and a user-friendly interface.

“The contemporary, intuitive, and user-friendly interface of the "FMFB MOBILE" mobile application ensures smooth access to essential sections. Among the most crucial and frequently encountered tasks in daily life is money transfer, a task that can be effortlessly executed through various methods within the "FMFB MOBILE" application, including account-to-account transfers, card-to-card transfers, and more.  The application significantly expedites fund transfers, playing a pivotal role in streamlining this process.

“Streamline your daily shopping experiences with FMFB MOBILE. By using our app, you can expedite your payments, ultimately saving valuable time and effort.

“Moreover, FMFB MOBILE presents a hassle-free avenue for settling utility bills, fees, and government payments.

“If you are already a registered user of FMFB MOBILE and seek a modern and convenient online banking solution, our app offers the most user-friendly approach to accomplish this objective.

“Furthermore, in the event of a lost bank card, our mobile application enables you to promptly and effortlessly block it, mitigating the risk of potential misuse.

“Even if you are not a client of the "First Microfinance Bank" and utilize cards from other banks, you can seamlessly add them to our application, granting you access to a multitude of banking operations.

“Download the "FMFB MOBILE" mobile application free of charge by following the direct link on your phone to explore the full range of possibilities and services we offer, ultimately enhancing the convenience and diversity in your life.

“Our primary objective is to provide ease and accessibility for all users. By installing the application on your phone, you can simplify your daily routines, save time, and consistently monitor your accounts.

“FMFB MOBILE - simple, convenient, and secure – designed to elevate your banking experience!”