This year, G5 Business Forum, which is an intensive incubation program for start-up entrepreneurs, will take place on December 22 in Bokhtar, the capital of the southern province of Khatlon. 

Six successful entrepreneurs will speak at the forum, talking about ways to achieve success in their fields.

The speakers will touch up issues, which are topical both for entrepreneurs and those who are just starting to develop in this direction. 

Local entrepreneurs attending the forum will have an opportunity to see the most successful and interesting business models, which have brought success both in the past and in the present.

Organized by the Business Incubator of Tajikistan Public Institution at the State Committee on Investment and State-owned Property Management (GosKomInvest), the G5 Business Forum is an annual information and educational event, the main objective of which is in creating a sustainable and constantly evolving communication environment between representatives of the largest domestic corporations and start-up entrepreneurs through educational program ensuring continuity of experience, skills and knowledge, forming a new community focused on the development of society as a whole.  

The uniqueness of the G5 Business Forum is that the speakers provide advices and information to entrepreneurs, based on their own personal experience, difficulties they had to face, and the real examples of creating and doing business – from the idea to the implementation of it.