, January 13, Asia-Plus  -- Sadullo Yatimov, director of the “Chorbogh” orphanage in Dushanbe has been charged under two articles of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan, Asia-Plus has learned from Nasrullo Karimov, investigator with the Dushanbe prosecutor’s office, who is investigating the orphanage fire that killed at least 13 children and left two others with injures.   

According to him, Sadullo Yatimov faces charges of negligence (Article 322, Part 2) and not fulfilling requirements of the fire-prevention measures causing death of person or any other heavy consequences (Article 192, Part 3). 

If convicted, Yatimov could face up to five years in prison on the negligence charge alone.    

Mr. Karimov also noted that the investigation is ongoing and “the picture of the incident will become clear only in some two weeks.”  

We will recall that a fire that broke out at the orphanage for children with mental disabilities in Dushanbe early on January 8 killed 13 children and left two others with injures.  The fire totally engulfed the building that was a home for about 95 disabled children.