DUSHANBE, February 6, Asia-Plus - One person was killed Sunday [February 5] as a sedan “Mercedes-600” ran into electricity pole, according to information from the Tajik traffic police.  

The source says the accident took place on the Karamov Street in Dushanbe at around 4:00 p.m.   “The 40-year-old Rustam Qushmatov who was driving the car could control it and ran into the electricity pole.  As a result of the accident, Qushmatov and his passenger, Kishvar Imatov, received  wounds and were taken to the hospital.  Kishvar Imatov died in the hospital.  

According to the source, the car belonged to Russian-Tajik Slavic University (RTSU).  The Kishvar Imatov was officer of the RTSU civil defense service.