A fire has broken out in trailer on the territory of vegetable store-base in Moscow region, killing nine Tajik labor migrants house.

DUSHANBE, February 7, Asia-Plus  -- A fire broke out in a trailer on the territory of vegetable store-base in the city of Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, on the night of February 5-6, in which eleven Tajik labor migrants were living.  Nine of them were killed in the fire.  Seven of them were from Vahdat district and two others from Hissor.  Only two persons, Shamshod Pirov and Farhod Ishqibaqirov, managed to survive

Asia-Plus has learned this from Karomat Sharipov, president of the international public association “Popular League “Tajiks” and Tajiks support foundation “Tojik-Diaspor”.  

According to him, the trailer, in which they lived, did not have fire-prevention fire conditions, and according to preliminary data of the investigation, the fire was caused by not fulfilling requirements of the fire-prevention measures.  

Karomat Sharipov says that in Moscow region alone, more than 120,000 our fellow-countrymen are living and working in conditions not meeting requirements of the fire-prevention measures at their own risk.