DUSHANBE, February 9, Asia-Plus  -- Four other Tajik labor migrants have died in a blaze in Moscow, Karim Sharipov, president of the Tajik Migrants Support Foundation and “Popular League “Tojik Diaspor” international public association in the Russian Federation, said. 

According to him, the fire broke out at the Budyony Avenue in Moscow on February 8.  Four labor migrants from Tajikistan, inhabitants of the village of Kulon in Rasht district (eastern Tajikistan), died in the blaze.  

The cause of the fire is under investigation; prosecutor’s office in the Moscow district of Izmailovo has instituted proceedings to probe into the fire.  

In the meantime, the Moscow region’s prosecutor is supposed to meet with senior representatives from the Tajik Diaspora today evening.   

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union many people from Tajikistan have come to Moscow and its outskirts in search of better employment opportunities.  Many of them often work illegally and are therefore underpaid.