DUSHANBE, September 12, Asia-Plus - Cancellation of a concert of known Iranian singer Arash, that was supposed to be held at the central stadium in Dushanbe Saturday evening caused discontent of spectators and led to mass disorder in the center of Dushanbe.   

According to information from the Ministry of Interior (MoI), some 50,000 people, mainly teenagers and young men, Saturday evening gathered  near the city’s central stadium, which has a seating capacity of 25,000.  

A source in the MoI says, “It is connected with the fact that the concert was free of charge.”  “When Arash announced that the concert is postponed to tomorrow because his musicians and instruments have not yet arrived in Dushanbe and left the stadium, irate teenagers poured out in crowds” the source said.  “Moving along the street the teenagers damaged several cars,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said.  Fortunately no injured was reported, according to the source.   

20 more active of the street brawls, mainly pupils of 9th-11th forms at Dushanbe schools, were detained.