QURGHON TEPPA, February 19, Asia-Plus - A blaze reported in a building of the military recruitment office in the Temurmalik district of Khatlon has destroyed some 700 registration cards of local Communists.

Mirali Salimov, a spokesman for the Khatlon police directorate, said that the fair broke out on the night of February 16-17, practically destroying the building completely.  No injured was reported, according the source. 

The building also housed the Temurmalik registry office and local organization of the Communist Party (CPT). 

Ashur Safarov, the head of the CPT regional organization for the Kulob zone of Khatlon, said in an interview with Asia-Plus that the blaze had destroyed some 700 registration cards of Temurmalik Communists.  

A special commission has been set up to assess the actual volume of damage and investigate the cause of the fire.