DUSHANBE , April 2, Asia-Plus -- The deadliest avalanche hit and covered the village of Qazoqtari in the Jirgatol village before dawn Sunday, April1, according to the Committee for Emergencies Situations (CES) under the Government of Tajikistan.  

The source at a CE said that the avalanche had buried one house in the village by snow.   As a result, the 44-year-old Shahri Sodiqova and seven her children aged 5 to 20 died.   “Her husband, the 45-year-old Abdusattor Mahmadbekov, and his parents were saved by a miracle,” the source said.   

According to the source, another avalanche hit the neighboring village of Jilondi in Jirgatol.   The 17-year-old Davlat Abdualizod was buried by snow when the avalanche hit the village.   

“According to information received, a series of avalanches reported in Jirgatol also seriously damaged several residential buildings in some villages of the district,” said the source, “But we have not had yet exact data about the actual volume of damage caused by the avalanches.”