DUSHANBE, April 18, Asia-Plus - Mudslides that hit some areas of Tajikistan on the night of April 16-17 caused serious damage to the country’s economy, according to the Committee for Emergency Situations (CES).  

The source at a CES said that the worst hit had been the Rudaki district, where mudslides had partially damaged some 200 residential buildings, two schools, a number of bridges and agricultural lands. 

The source added that mudslides caused by an April 16 torrential rain also affected several houses in the villages of Qipchoq, Shirkent, Charisurkh, Oqmazor, Husnobod, Gulkhas and Dehvak and Ravot in the Tursunzoda district. 

The source also said that the 11-year-old Guldasta Saidova from the village of Dehvak has been reported missing since April 17.  He further added that "it cannot be ruled out that she was killed by mudslide.”       

As it had been reported earlier, mudslides had also affected Shahrinav, Vahdat, Mouminobod and Panjakent district, damaging residential buildings and roads.  The mudslide in Panjakent, in particular, damaged 850 meters of the road Panjakent-Ayni.