KHOROG, December 10, Asia-Plus – One person was killed and two other were injured Saturday as a cartridge of KPVT (tank large-scale sub-machine Vladimirov) exploded, Asia-Plus has learned from Mizrob Dorobov, a spokesman for the GBAO police directorate.    

The incident took place in the village of Boghev in GBAO’s Shugnan district.  Local resident Zikrillobek Mashrabov used old KPVT cartridge as a wedge for quarry stones for building house. 

“The cartridge was so old and covered with rust that Mashrabov even did not think that it was cartridge,” said the spokesman, “He just thought that it was a piece of metal and wanted to use it as wedge for quarrying stones for building house.”  

But the cartridge exploded and as a result of the explosion Mashrabov was killed and two children, his 10-year-old son Safarali and 7-year-old nephew Mashrab, who were helping him to quarry stones, were injured and take to the central regional hospital in Khorog.  

            The village of Boghev is situated not far from the shooting range, which was used in the Soviet time by border guards.  “May be they found the cartridge on the abandoned shooting range,” the spokesman said.  

            Investigation is under way.