DUSHANBE, June 28, 2008, Asia-Plus -  An armed conflict took place at Uzbek-Tajik border in early morning of June 19,” CA-News cited the border protection directorate within the Uzbek National Security Service on June 27.   

“On June 19, at 11.00pm Uzbek border guards detained a column of 12 loaded motorcycles which was going from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan,” Uzbek border guards reported. “Making use of number advantage the group attacked the border guards.  They were warned but did not stop. For the sake of security Uzbek border guards made several shots.  As a result, an attacker was wounded in his chest (resident of Login village in the Zafarobod district in Tajikistan’s Sughd province) and was immediately taken to hospital and operated on.”

Large amounts of sugar, alcoholic drinks and confectionery of suspicious manufacture, as well as shoes and other goods, were revealed during examination.  “The place of incident frequently faces illegal import of low-quality products from Tajikistan,” Committee reported.

The Uzbek border guards describe the situation on the Uzbek-Tajik border as ‘complicated’ first of all because of the ceaseless unlawful acts there which can be proved by the drug smuggling facts and illegal transference of inventory holdings through borders.

According to the National Security Council of Uzbekistan, in 2007 the Uzbek border guards detained 15,000 trespassers, 2,000 illegal attempts to transport various cargo and 16 attempts of drug smuggle were prevented and over 35 kg heroin were confiscated. In 2008 the state borders with Tajikistan were violated as frequently as previous years. During the incomplete half year of 2007, the Uzbek border guards have prevented 750 attempts of illegal transference of goods and 2.5kg of drugs were withdrawn.

In 2006-2007 the trespassers made some 96 attacks to the Uzbek border guards who protected Uzbek-Tajik borders as a result of which the guards received body injuries, Trend Capital reported.

The length of the Uzbek-Tajik border makes up 1,161km.  Over 80% of the border lies through the highlands difficult of access. The border territory of Uzbekistan was mined 1999 during the tense situation. The official Tashkent stated that this territory was mined to prevent the armed gangs from the entering to the country for terrorism purposes.