DUSHANBE, June 30, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- Regional water problems and the results of a June 27-28 international conference on the water-related disaster risk reduction issues were a focus of a meeting of President Emomali Rahmon with Ms. Kori Udovicki, a UN assistant secretary-general and director of the UNDP Bureau for Europe and CIS, in Dushanbe on June 30.   

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with President Rahmon, Ms. Udovicki noted that they had discussed issues related to management of water resources in the region and a role of the UN agencies, including the UNDP, in that problem.   

According to her, they came to an agreement that water resources management is one of the most important issues for Tajikistan.   Although it is the issue of regional importance, however, it is necessary to take measures at local level as well in order that all those being in need of water may use water resources both for power generation, agricultural and other needs.   

She noted that they had also considered efforts to mitigate effects of drought that had hit some regions in the country.              

Commenting on correlation between water problems and the regional security, the head the UNDP Bureau for Europe and CIS noted that water may both unite and disunite peoples.  Therefore, it is necessary to act being based on international water documents, she said.

Ms. Udovicki also noted that she supports an initiative of President Rahmon on convening a special session of the UN General Assembly to discuss water problems.