DUSHANBE, November 20, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- Today’s gas blast has left two women with injuries, according to the Republican Burn-Treatment Center in Dushanbe.

The source at the burn-treatment facility said two women, the 74-year-old Valentina Gerdey and the 49-year-old Marina Kleimenova, with repertory tracts affection had been brought the center.  “They are currently in serious health condition,” the source said.  

As it had been reported earlier, quite a powerful blast, caused by gas escape, rocked the center of Dushanbe Thursday morning.  

According to witnesses, the explosion occurred on the third floor of an apartment building, 93/1 Roudaki Avenue, at around 7:30 a.m.  Fire caused by the blast seriously damaged the apartment.  The fire was extinguished quite quickly.  The blast caused no structural damage to other apartments and neighboring buildings, the source at the firefighting directorate said.