DUSHANBE, July 9, 2009, Asia-Plus -- An armed incident reportedly took place in the Tavildara districts, eastern Tajikistan yesterday evening.

Wednesday evening, at around 8:00 pm, a group of unknown armed persons on several cars tried to burst through the roadblock “Safedkhok” to the administrative center of the Tavildara, the source at the Tavildara administration said in an interview with Asia-Plus.

According to local residents, shooting was heard in the roadblock area yesterday evening.  One of witnesses of the incident said that a group of armed persons on five cars had tried to burst through the roadblock to the district center but they had been repulsed by police officers that had been on duty at the roadblock.  “Several assailants were wounded and escaped after the skirmish,” he said.

In the meantime, Tajik law enforcement authorities neither confirm nor deny this information.  “I still cannot say anything” Iskoq Latipov, the deputy chief of the Tavildara police department, told Asia-Plus’ reporter for Rasht today morning.

Some car owners told Asia-Plus by phone that some 40 cars that were moving to Gorno Badakhshan were amassed yesterday evening near the village of Childara that is not far from the place of incident.  “The road was reopened from traffic today morning,” one of car owners said.