DUSHANBE, July 11, 2009 Asia-Plus  -- New details of a July 8 skirmish near the administrative center of the Tavildara emerged.

The reliable source in Tajik law enforcement authorities told Asia-Plus today that three of gunmen that attacked a police post in the Tavildara district on July 8 were killed in the skirmish.  “Two of those killed were residents of the Rasht district, including the brother of a certain Nemat Azizov and a person known under the nickname “Kuri Malysh” (Blind Shorty),”the source said, noting that nothing is known about the third killed.  Patrol of the area has been strengthened.

As it had been reported earlier, a group of gunmen attacked a police post “Safedkhok” in the Tavildara district, eastern Tajikistan last Wednesday (July 8) night.  A group of unidentified men tried to push through the check point towards the district center but were pushed back by the police.  Several attackers were injured but managed to escape.  Tajikistan''s interior ministry said it could not immediately comment on the report.

In the meantime, news agency CA-NEWS quoted Deputy Minister of Interiors, Farhodbek Shodmonbekov, as saying that that no attack had been made on the police post Safedkhok in Tavildara.  The skirmish was connected with an operation launched against drug traffickers within the framework of the anti-drug operation, dubbed Poppy-2009.