DUSHANBE, August 6, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Four persons, including three firemen and one worker from the Dushanbe tannery, have been injured in a fire at the Dushanbe tannery today, according to the main firefighting directorate within the Ministry of Interior.

“One of workers at the tannery had carbon monoxide poisoning and was taken to the hospital,” said the source, “Besides, three firemen got minor burns while extinguishing the fire.  They received necessary medical aid on the spot.”

The fire, which was reported after 12:00, broke out in one of warehouses of the plant, was extinguished in a couple of hours.

“12 firefighting crew were involved in putting out the fire,” said the source at the firefighting service, “They managed to extinguish the fire in a couple of hours.  If it were not for efficient and well-coordinated actions of firefighters, the fire would spread to dyeing workshops, where there were many chemicals.”

The cause of the fire at the Dushanbe tannery, which was built in the 1930s already, is under investigation.