DUSHANBE, September 5, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- A group of hooligans numbering six persons have attacked a family and caused a fatal traffic accident in the Hissor district, according to the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

“On September 4, at abut 3:30 pm, six young men from the settlement of Sharora in the Hissor district in two cars, Nexia and Chanhu (Chinese-made minivan), came to the village of Chanor in the same district and beat the Qarayev brothers – the 44-year-old Abdughaffor, the 41-year-old Abdusattor ad the 35-year-old Shohimardon – as well as their 64-year-old mother Chinnoy Qarayeva and 18-year-old relative Toshmurod Khudoynazarov.,” said the source at a MoI, “On the way back, the Chanhu driver probably could not control the vehicle and it overturned near the village of Murutak.  As a result of the accident, five persons received various injuries and one of them died on the way to the hospital.”

Criminal proceedings have been instituted on the evil-hooliganism charge and an investigation is under way.