KHOROG, February 23, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- Another quake jolted the Vanj district in Gorno Badakhshan on February 21.

According to the Vanj emergencies official Yusufjon Ishoqov, seismologists could not measure the tremor “because devices installed here can detect the tremor magnitude of only 4.0 and more.”

“Tremors have been happening frequently in the district since 2007, while after January 2, 2010 they can be felt practically every day,” Ishoqov said.

In the meantime, 28 families, whose houses were destroyed completely by a January 2 earthquake, are still living in tents in freezing temperatures, while families, whose houses were damaged partially, are continuing to live in their half-damaged houses though tents have been installed for them as well.

We will recall that an earthquake of medium strength jolted the Vanj district in Gorno Badakhshan on January 2, 2010.  There were no casualties as residents left their houses when they felt the first tremors.  The most severely hit villages in the district were Uskrogh, Punichuguni, Paishanbeobod and the administrative center of the Vanj district.  Over 1000 houses home to 6,145 people have been affected.  Some 100 houses were destroyed to the extent of being unsuitable for living for their 640 inhabitants while 920 houses home to about 5,500 people were partially affected and in need of repair.

It is to be noted that tremors have been happening more frequently in Gorno Badakhshan since 2007.  Tremors were frequently happening in the villages of Baghush (Ishkashim district), Shaymoq (Murgab district) and Javshangoz (Roghtqala district) as well, but in the Vanj district, tremors have been felt almost every month over the past several years.