Dushanbe. June 21. “Asia-Plus” -- Nearly 300 citizens of Tajikistan have returned back to Tajikistan from southern Kyrgyz cities of Jalal-Abad and Osh as of today, a spokesman for the Tajik Foreign Ministry Davlat Nazriev told the AP.

He said that these are mainly students and Tajik citizens who work in south of Kyrgyzstan. Thus, he said, 35 citizens of Tajikistan have returned back to Sughd district of Tajikistan through Batken region, 43 – through Jirgatal region and 135 students and citizens of Tajikistan returned through Murgab region.

“The move was initiated by Tajikistan,” Nazriev has said, adding that another 20 citizens of Tajikistan are remaining in Jalal-Abad and Osh. They will be returned back home by vehicles which deliver relief assistance from Jirgatal to Kyrgyzstan.

“Fortunately, Tajik citizens have managed to escape riots in southern part of Kyrgyzstan and there are no victims among them,” Nazriev stressed.

Interethnic clashes started in south of Kyrgyzstan on June 11. Officially, nearly 200 people have been killed. Non-official data show much more higher death toll.

UN says at least 400,000 citizens of Kyrgyzstan have obtained refugee status. The Kyrgyz city of Osh reported destroyed by 70%.