KHUJAND, August 13, 2010, Asia-Plus - As a result of traffic accident in Panjakent three children died, two of them are hospitalized.

According to Department of Internal Affairs of Sughd,  the day before 17-year-old Mehvarshohi Muhibullo, resident of Rudaki Jamoat of Panjakent district, without no attorney power and driving license, he got into the driving seat of a car mark VAZ-2121 belonging to his father. “While passing wooden bridge for pedestrians, bridge fails under cars weight, and car falls into canal. As a result, Mehvarhohi Muhibullo and minor passengers - 15-year-old Tahminai Muhibullo and 5-year-old Shohonai Hussein have drown in canal and died. Two more minor passengers of a car - 5-year-old Homidzhoni Hussein and 16-year-old Bahrom Kurbonov with physical injuries hospitalized to Panjakents’ central hospital”, - has noted a source.

According to the given fact the consequence is continued by regional office prosecutor.