DUSHANBE, January 21, 2011, Asia-Plus  – Within the Agreement of Cooperation between the Governments of Tajikistan and USA the second specialized “In-Service” Training Program for the Ministry of Interior, Traffic Police Department, was successfully completed in Dushanbe today, according to The Emergence Group (TEG) in Tajikistan.

The first training was organized on December 2010.  This training was provided by TEG Tajikistan, with the support and assistance of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Department, US Embassy in Dushanbe.

The second training was conducted from January 10 to January 21.  Twenty traffic police officers from Gorno Badakhshan, Khatlon, Sughd and districts subordinate to the center, including Dushanbe, successfully completed this intensive two weeks course of instruction.

The participants were trained in Community Policing, Crisis Management, Emergency First Responder, Use of Force, Handcuffing techniques, Defensive Tactics Baton “PR-24”, Unarmed Self Defense and Vehicle Stops by three experienced American instructors, including Dushanbe based TEG Director.

TEG is planning to conduct additional “in service” trainings for the Traffic Police Department in February and March this year.