DUSHANBE, February 3, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- Members of one family in Danghara district numbering eight people have been poisoned by eating pickled eggplants, three of them have died, according to the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

“The tragedy occurred on February 2,” said the source at a MoI, “Eight members of one family were poisoned by eating pickled eggplants.  Three of them, including the 26-year-old man and two kids ages 2 and 3 died, while five others are receiving food borne botulism treatment at the hospital.” 

Food-borne botulism results from contaminated foodstuffs in which C. botulinum spores have been allowed to germinate in anaerobic conditions.  Specialists say this typically occurs in home-canned food substances and fermented uncooked dishes.  Given that multiple people often consume food from the same source, it is common for more than a single person to be affected simultaneously.  It takes 3–5 days for the symptoms to become apparent.