Tajik border guard has been killed by Afghan drug dealers.

DUSHANBE, April 11, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- Tajik border guard has been killed on the Tajik Afghan border in Shouroobod district, Khatlon province.

Khoushnoud Rahmatulloyev, a spokesman for the Main Border Guard Directorate within the State Committee for National Security (CSNS), told Asia-Plus today that the incident took place area patrolled by the Khirmanjo frontier post on the night of April 10-11.

“Private soldier Mahmadumar Kholov, 20, at the Kisht border post was attacked from contiguous territory and killed by two shots,” the spokesman.

According to him, combing the area was fruitless; most likely, Afghans managed to return to their territory.

Local experts say the southern Shouroobod area is the most vulnerable stretch of the Tajik-Afghan border.