Three police officers have been sacked after a woman, being held in detention facility in the Ayni district, attempted to commit suicide by self-immolation.

Three officers of the Interior Ministry’s office in the Ayni district (Sughd province) have been fired after Istad Qurbonova, 70, being held in local detention facility, attempted to committed suicide by self-immolation, according to the Interior Ministry press center.  

“Officers of the Ayni police station – Idiboy Ziyoyev, Saidali Arbobov and Abduqodir Gahffrov – have been fired in connection with this incident and criminal proceedings have been instituted against the detention facility warden Sharif Mirzosharifov,” Umarjon Rahmon, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

Istad Qurbonova was reportedly detained in early January on charge of grabbing a parcel of land.  On January 17, she attempted to commit suicide by self-immolation and was hospitalized with various burn wounds.