Police say it cannot be ruled out that the death of a teenager was a suicide.

“It cannot be ruled out that Furqat Alimov jumped out of an 11th story window,” an official source at the Dushanbe Police Directorate told Asia-Plus in an interview.      

According to him, they are currently investigating what or who could drive the teenager to suicide.

“Investigators consider this version unlikely.  However, they are investigating it,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Furqat’s mother does not believe that he could commit suicide.  “He finished the 8th grade and was going to go to a summer camp,” she said.   

Recall, a 15-year-old teen, who was identified as Furqat Alimov, was killed in a 12-story fall.  Tajik journalist Shahnoz Komilzoda was the first to report on this tragedy on her Facebook page.  She wrote the teenager’s body was found in the morning of June 25.

“Furqat was growing up in a poor family, where besides him were five other children,” Ms. Komilzoda told Asia-Plus in an interview.

According to her, the teenager this year finished the 8th grade at School No 16.

The prosecutor’s office in Dushanbe’s Shohmansour district is investigating the incident.