Shoira Turdiyeva from Spitamen district of Sughd province has been convicted of driving her daughter-in-law to suicide.

On March 18 of 2018, Turdiyeva reportedly married her son Abdumumin Tohjiboyev to local young woman Farangis Rahmonova.

From the first days, the woman systematically humiliated her daughter-in-law, according to the press center of the Prosecutor-General’s Office.

The young woman reportedly decided to get rid of the constant reproaches and insults of her mother-in-law and threw herself into the Syr Darya in April this year.  She was saved by passersby.  

The prosecutor’s office in Spitamen district has instituted criminal proceedings against Shoira Turdiyeva under the provisions of Article 109 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code – inducement to suicide. 

A court in Spitamen district has sentenced Shoira Turdiyeva to three years in prison.  However, the court later commuted its sentence, replacing it with suspended term if imprisonment.