Every week, parents of a 6-year-old Osiya Sherzod, who was purposely set on fire by three teens, spend more than 500 somoni on drugs for her.  They demand compensation from the teens’ parents.   

Osiya’s father, Sherzod Zulfonov, says they are no longer able to spend that kind of money every week and have decided to apply to a court demanding compensation from the parents of three teens, who are accused of setting their daughter on fire.  

According to him, Osiya is suffering from burns she sustained.  “For several months now she has only been sleeping for an hour and a half at nights.  She is very suffering at nights.  She doesn't want to chat with anyone,” Sherzod said.  

He also noted the teens, who set Osiya on fire, are at large; they walk on the street and go to school as before.

Meanwhile, Umarjon Emomali, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, claims that the teens walk around free after one of them underwent medical treatment at the Republic Mental Health Center for Children and Teenagers and two others were ‘reformed’ at the school for troubled teenagers. 

“Two of them have been sent to the school for troubled teenagers and the third one has been put for treatment in the Republic Mental Health Center for Children and Teenagers.  He was surely recovered and released.  They are children, you know.  They should attend school,” Emomali said.  

Navrouz Odinayev, a lawyer with the human rights organization “Himoya,” says Osya’s parents are entitled to compensation from the teens’ parents (guardians).  

In accordance with Tajikistan’s legislation, criminal liability is provided for minors from the age of 14.

Criminal liability is provided for minors for twenty-three crimes, including several crimes, including murder, Intentional grievous bodily harm, intentional bodily injury of medium gravity, terrorism, abduction, rape, terrorism, hostage taking, etc.  

Recall, this screaming incident occurred in Dushanbe’s Sino district in broad white on June 19 this year.  The three teens purposely set the 6-year-old Osiya Sherzod on fire.  They reportedly tied the girl to a grid fence and set her on fire.

Osiya Sherzod, who had burns on 45 percent of her body surface area, underwent several surgeries that were done by German Professor Edgar Biemer, who introduced plastic surgery in Tajikistan in 1998, together with local doctors.  

The main instigator of setting a 6-year-old Osiya Sherzod on fire was a 13-year-old teen from the Choryakkoron village in the Roudaki district, Sunatullo Ochildiyev, who reportedly suffers from a mental disorder.

According to the Interior Ministry, he was put in the Republic Mental Health Center for Children and Teenagers.