The law enforcement authorities deny a report that a shooting took place in the southern city of Levakant (formerly Sarband) as unfounded.  

Representative of the Interior Ministry’s office for Khatlon province says they receive reports about all emergencies taking place in the region.  “But we have not received any report about shootout in Levakant,” he told Asia-Plus by phone.  

The Levakant mayor’s office has also denied the report about shooting as absolutely baseless.  

Meanwhile Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, local known as Radio Ozodi, says a shooting took place in Levakant in the evening of November 17 near the house of local businessman Ilhom Hotamov, better known by his nickname Ilhom Komandir.  The shooting reportedly took place between his people and people of owner of the Bokhtar-based Hoji Sharif bazaar.

Citing one of its sources, Radio Ozodi says the conflict broke out over land and money debt. 

The Hoji Sharif bazaar reportedly belongs to an influential Sohibov’s clan.  Two of this clan – Zoir Sohibov and Shamsullo Sohibov – are sons-in-law of Tajik President Emomali Rahmon.   .

Ilhom Komandir, the former filed commander of the pro-government Popular Front, has made a fortune exporting cotton through the Tamer INB Company.