Tajik authorities consider that official Bishkek does not comply with norms of the previously signed protocol on the procedure of dissemination of information on developments taking place along the mutual border of the two nations.  

A reliable source close to the negotiation processes on delineation of Tajikistan’s common border with Kyrgyzstan says the parties had earlier signed a protocol on confidentiality of information on developments taking place on the mutual border of the two countries.

“The parties have made such a decision in order to avoid escalation of tensions on the disputed stretches of the mutual border,” said the source.  “The parties have undertaken to disseminate only the mutually agreed information through media.”

According to him, official Bishkek has always ignored the norms of the mentioned protocol and “disseminated one-sided and sometimes distorted information on what was going along the border.”

Issues related to compliance with the normed of the abovementioned protocol will be discussed at a meeting of Tajik and Kyrgyz delegation that is being held in the Tajik northern city of Isfara, the source added.