A resident of Dushanbe was killed after a hand grenade exploded in his arms, according to the Interior Ministry’s website.

The incident took place in Dushanbe yesterday afternoon, at arounf4:30 pm.  The Interior Ministry’s website says it has been established that a 33-year-old resident of Dushanbe Ivan Mezentsev held the RGD-5 grenade at his home.   

Yesterday, Mezentsev being in a state of drunkenness took the grenade with himself.  The grenade exploded in his arms when he was at the entrance of his house.  Mezentsev was rushed to hospital but he died of wounds sustained from the grenade blast. 

Criminal proceedings have been instituted over the incident and an investigation is under way.  

The RGD-5 is a post–World War II Soviet anti-personnel fragmentation grenade, designed in the early 1950s. The RGD-5 was accepted to service in 1954. It is still in service with many of Russia's former client states.