Tajik chief prosecutor’s office says that Tajik Ministry of Transport Khudoyor Khudoyorzoda has allegedly tried to commit suicide following family quarrel.

“On August 11 at around 5:00 am, the Minister of Transport Khudoyor Khudoyorzoda tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself with a kitchen knife following family conflict.  Finding out what happened, his wife A. Qalandarova, his son Nekrouz Khudoyorov, his daughter Zainoura Khudoyrova, his daughter-in-law Gulniso Sufishoyeva and other members of the family provided him with primary health care and called an ambulance,” reads a statement posted on the website of the Prosecutor-General’s Office.  

Khudoyorzoda is currently in the Istiqlol hospital; now nothing threatens his health and doctors assess his health condition as satisfactory, the statement notes.

Criminal proceedings have reportedly been instituted and an investigation is under way.  

Khudoyorzoda was born on September 15, 1958 in the village of Derzoud of the Rushan district in the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).  

He graduated from the Tajik Polytechnic Institute (current Tajik Technical University) on the “Economics and Organization of Automobile Transport” specialty.  

Khudoyor Khudoyorzoda has served as Minister of Transport since 2017.  Prior to this he served as Chairperson of the Rushan District since 2013.