He threw himself into the Pyanj River, the reasons for the suicide are unknown.

A 9th grade student from the Rushan regional center in GBAO rushed into the Pyanj River on October 1, employees of the country's Emergency Situations Committee are searching for his body.

«The reasons for the suicide are not known», - Umeda Yusufi, press secretary of the CoES of the country, said.

She said that the day before, rescuers also found the body of a 71-year-old resident of the Shugnan region Zaynilmo Chorshanbieva on the banks of the Gund River, who left her house and disappeared on August 22 of this year.

According to Yusufi, also early in the morning of October 1, the body of an unknown man was found in a reservoir in the north of Dushanbe.

The body was handed over to police officers for identification and cause of death.