The Prosecutor-General’s Office has upheld the results of investigation carried out by the office of chief prosecutor in Faizobod district over the cause of death of the 25-year-old local woman, who was found in her home with 26 stab wounds on her body.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office says the preliminary investigation has established that Manora Abdufattoh committed suicide.

The death was reportedly caused by three deep stab wounds on her neck and stomach.  “The remaining stab wounds inflicted by the woman on herself could not be cause of the death,” says a statement by the Prosecutor-General’s Office.  

The Prosecutor-General’s Office, however, added that “despite the preliminary facts, investigation into the case is continuing.”    

The statement says “a mother of three, being in a rental apartment in Faizobod district, inflicted several stab wounds on herself with a kitchen knife on June 22, 2021.”

The woman reportedly took this step because of the ill-treatment of relatives.       

Recall, the young woman, bleeding and being in a dissociative state, was found by her aunt.  Manora died in a hospital of a massive blood loss.  

Her relatives do not believe that Manor Abdufattoh committed suicide and consider that most likely, she was killed.

Her father, Abdufattoh Misoqov, does not believe that his daughter could inflict 26 stab wounds on herself.  

Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodi, says that during a year, he was writing complaints to different authorities, demanding that investigation into the death of his daughter be carried out properly.  

On June 16, 2022, the Prosecutor-General’s Office sent an official letter to Abdufattoh Misoqov, noting that all circumstances of his daughter’s death will be reinvestigated.     

Recall, prosecutors in Faizobod district had previously investigated the case and concluded that Manora Abdufattoh had committed suicide inflicting several stab wounds on herself.