DUSHANBE, January 16, Asia-Plus - More than 4 million Somonis were raised last year from debtors in favor of the Tajik Railways for train cars’ standing idle, Asia-Plus has learned from Oqil Sultonqulov, Chief Adie to Tajik Transportation Prosecutor.  

According to him, four persons were reprimanded and 59 others were fined for train cars’ standing idle.    

“The results of inspections have shown that there cases of illegal sale of railways codes inside the republic,” said the Asia-Plus interlocutor, “Thus, using negligence of the transportation service’s officials D. Odinayev misappropriated cargo shipments codes for the purpose of using and selling them that led to a damage of US$600,000 to the Tajik Railways.”  Criminal proceedings were instituted against Odinayev, and he refunded the loss, Sultonqulov said.