DUSHANBE, February 6, Asia-Plus - An operation by officers of the Tajik Drug Control Agency (DCA) has led to the arrest of three members of the criminal grouping dealing with drug trafficking. 

Avaz Yuldoshev, a spokesman for the DCA, has told Asia-Plus that the operation on the arrest of the criminals dealing with transporting Afghan drugs via the border lasted for two months.  “At the final stage of the operation, a car “2109” has been stooped in the area of the “Korvon” market in Dushanbe ,” said the Asia-Plus interlocutor, “When searching the car the officers found more than 9.5 kilograms of heroin.”  The owner of the drugs, resident of Qumsangir district, the drug traffickers, resident of Kolkhozobod district, as well as client, resident of Dushanbe, were arrested. 

Yuldoshev, noted that this amount of heroin had been intended for the Krasnoyarsk region in the Russian Federation .  At present the DCA is taking measures to reveal other members of this criminal grouping.