DUSHANBE, March 2, Asia-Plus -- The former director of the chinaware-producing plant in Tursunzoda and former officer of the Tursunzoda police directorate, Sobir Mahmadjonov also known as “Sobir the Grey”, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Military Board of Tajikistan’s Supreme Court has completed consideration of criminal proceedings instituted against Sobir Mahmadjonov and he was found guilty on 10 charges ranging from forging documents, embezzlement of state funds to killing.  

Ms. Nadezhda Marinina, deputy head of the Supreme Court’s Military Board, has told Asia-Plus that Sobir Mahmadjonov is resident of the town of Tursunzoda and from 1996 to 2001 he served as officer of the Tursunzoda police directorate, serviceman of the Presidential Guards and director of the local chinaware-producing plant.  According to her, Mahmadjonov killed ten people. 

In 2003, using forged documents Sobir Mahmadjonov fled to the Russia Federation from Tajikistan.  Last year, at request of Tajik law enforcement authorities Russian police detained him in Moscow and extradited to Tajikistan.  

Chief accountant of the Tursunzoda chinaware-producing plant Qodir Hamroyev was also in the dock together with Sobir Mahmadjonov.  He has been jailed for five years for embezzlement.