DUSHANBE , March 16, Asia-Plus - Customs officers have seized over nine kilograms of gold ware at the Dushanbe airport, according to information from the Ministry of State Revenues and Tax Collections.

Parviz Sheraliyev, head of the contraband-prevention department within the Ministry of State Revenues and Tax Collections, told Asia-Plus that the contraband gold ware had been discovered during customs control of passengers of the Istanbul-Dushanbe flight.  

“On March 7, an inspection of passengers on the Istanbul-Dushanbe flight found 9.40 kilogram of the contraband gold ware for a total amount of more than US$30,000 in luggage of Tajik citizen, who tried to transport the gold ware to Tajikistan without paying customs duties,” Mr. Sheraliyev said, noting that this year it has been the first case of attempt of smuggling gold ware into Tajikistan.   

Last year, seven such cases were registered in Tajikistan , according to Parviz Sheraliyev.