DUSHANBE/KULOB, May 31, Asia-Plus -- New details have emerged today about a car explosion that took place in the Danghara district of Khatlon on the night of May 27-28.   

As it had been reported earlier, four persons were killed and three others were injured in an explosion in a car in the Danghara district on the night of May 27-28.  According to the ministry of interior (MoI), the accident took place near the village of Qoshbulog.  A car Moskvich-412 driven by a 40-year-old Qudrat Taghoynazarov reportedly caught fire and blew up when it was moving from Dushanbe to Danghara. 

Taghoynazarov’s stepmother, sister-in-law (his brother’s wife) and two nieces were killed, while Taghoynazarov himself, his farther and 9-year-old daughter received serious wounds and were taken to the central district hospital in Danghara.  Physicians say they are in serious condition.  

Initially, police characterized the explosion as accidental and attributed the blast to a defective gasoline jerrican that was in the car. 

Now, police authorities portray the explosion as deliberate murder masterminded by Qudrat Taghoynazarov himself.  

The source at a MoI said that Qudrat Taghoynazarov and his 45-year-old stepmother had not got on and he had decided to kill her.  “In order to remain above suspicion he decided to make pretence of a traffic accident; for this he prepared a jerrican with gasoline,” said the source, “On the night of May 227-28, on the way from Dushanbe to Danghara Taghoynazarov set on fire to the car.”  According to the source, he dragged only his father and his daughter out of the car.  Two women and two kids wee killed by fire.  

According to the Danghara prosecutor’s office, Taghoynazarov has confessed to having committed this crime himself.  Criminal proceedings have been instituted against him and he faces charge of deliberate murder.