KHUJAND, July 9, Asia-Plus — New details emerged about the case of Nizomkhon Jurayev, director general of the Isfara chemical plant Kimiyo also former member of the Sughd regional legislator (Majlis), who is currently wanted by police.  Now, he is also accused of illegally acquiring weapons.    

According to press service of the Sughd police directorate, the preliminary investigation into Jurayev’s case has established that he was leader of the organized criminal grouping that was active in the Isfara district.      

“Jurayev and other members of this ring, residents of the Chorkuh jamoat Husniddin Rahmonov and Mirzokhalil Rahmon9ov, have illegally acquired two pistols Makarov, three sub-machine-guns Kalashnikov and hand grenades”, said the source, “The weapons were found in the house of resident of the Chorkuh jamoat Zayniddin Rahimov.”

The Sughd prosecutor’s office has instituted criminal proceedings against them on charges of illegally bearing, possessing, and acquiring, weapons, the source said.  Investigation is under way. 

As it had been reported earlier, Jurayev is charged with embezzlement of some 400,000 somonis of state funds, and the Sughd regional legislature adopted a decision regarding the repeal of inviolability of Nizomkhon Jurayev on June 28, upon recommendation of the Sughd chief prosecutor.  The session also took a decision on terminating Jurayev’s powers as member of the Sughd regional legislator.     

The Sughd branch of the anticorruption agency has instituted criminal proceedings against Jurayev.                                                                                                                                                   

We will recall that on September 27, 2006, a group of gunmen attacked a car carrying Isfara Deputy Mayor Sodiq Rustamov and the director of the Isfara chemical plant, Nizomkhon Jurayev.  The incident took place on the road from Chorkuh to Isfara, when Rustamov and Jurayev were retuning from Kyrgyzstan in Jurayev’s Nissan.  The assailants fired at the Nissan from another car and escaped.