DUSHANBE, July 20, Asia-Plus — Over the first six months of the year, officers from the Tajik customs service and other control bodies have confiscated some 2.5 tons of subquality and spoiled medicines in Tajikistan.  

Eraj Jurabekov, the head of the department for organization of customs control within the Customs Service, told Asia-Plus that 2,315kilograms of medicines for a total amount of $43,399 had been confiscated in a single operation carried out by customs officers in cooperation with the Sate Committee for National Security.   

Abdurasoul Sharipov, a spokesman for the customs service, said that organizers of that bargain had been established: the exporter was the joint venture Dominic and the importer was the public association Qubod.  

According to Jurabekov, customs officers jointly with employees of the Center for Control over Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Activity have seized a batch of subquality medicines produced in India and Iran for a total amount of $1,600 over the report period.  “The medicines have been delivered to Tajikistan from Afghanistan via the border-crossing checkpoint Panji Poyon,” Jurabekov said.