DUSHANBE, February 21, Asia-Plus  -- Tajik law enforcement authorities have reported the seizure of counterfeit banknotes in Dushanbe.

According to the Ministry of Interior (MoI), eight counterfeit banknotes of 1000 Russian rubles’ denomination and one counterfeit 100-dolalr banknote were confiscated from three visitors of one of Dushanbe disco clubs on February 20.  

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against them and an investigation is under.

The source at a MoI said that most likely, the counterfeit banknotes had been produced outside the country.  

We will recall that six cases of seizure of counterfeit banknotes of both somoni (Tajik local currency) and US dollar were reported in the country last year.        

As it had been reported earlier, the first case was reported in Dushanbe in February.  Dushanbe resident was detained on suspicion of having been involved in counterfeiting.  He produced counterfeit 5-somoni and 10-somoni banknotes for a total amount of 395 somonis with use of graphic arts equipment. 

The second case of seizure of counterfeit somonis was reported in April, when a teenager tried to use counterfeit 5-somoni banknote to pay for goods.  He said that he found the banknotes in the street. 

Besides, two cases of seizure of 100-dollar banknotes have been registered in the country this year.  Two counterfeit 100-dollar banknotes were revealed in May during collection of cash from the branch of AgroInvestBonk in the Shahrinav district. 

In May, 17 counterfeit 100-dollar banknotes were also confiscated from Uzbek national in the Tursunzoda district. 

Two other cases of seizure of counterfeit 100-dollar banknotes have been registered in the Khatlon province.