KHUJAND, February 23, Asia-Plus  -- Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Mirzosharif Rahmonov, an official with the Isfara agriculture department, who faces charge of extortion, Asia-Plus has learned at the Sughd police directorate.

A source at the Sughd police directorate said that Mirzosharif Rahmonov and his son Sharaf in December 2003 lended the Isfara resident Maqsoudkhoja Akramov $2,000 for one month, taking as a pledge his house documents    

“Since Akramov failed to return money by the time fixed, they took from him $2,940 through intimidation and violence,” the Sughd police source said.    

 On February 20, criminal proceedings were instituted against Rahmonov and his son on charge of extortion. 

“The proceedings were added to the previous criminal case that had been opened against them,” the source said, noting that the previous criminal case against Rahmonov and his son was opened in November 2007 already.  They have faced charge of libel, insulting and false police information.