KHOROG, March 18, Asia-Plus  -- The GBAO chief prosecutor Rashid Gulmadshoyev says the fact of arbitrary behavior from local prosecutors has not been confirmed.

According to him, a group of prosecutors was sent to the Roshtqala district on March 14 to check legality of delivery and sale of alcohol drinks, tobacco goods and gasoline as well as inspect activities of the forestry in the district.  

“The inspection revealed that a number of entrepreneurs in Roshtqala do not have licenses for selling alcohol drinks and gasoline traders recorded and have not paid excise taxes,” said the GBAO chief prosecutor.  “As a result of misunderstanding a quarrel arose and the prosecutors were beaten.”  The prosecutors sustained various bodily injuries and were taken to the hospital, according to him.         

            “Criminal proceedings have not yet been instituted but the prosecutor’s office is currently working to expose the fight participants,” Gulmadshoyev said, adding that no evidence was produced to prove guilt of the prosecutors being accused of extorting traders.  

 We will recall that a group of some 300 demonstrators staged a protest in Khorog to draw attention of local authorities to arbitrary behavior of from officers from the law enforcement agencies.  One of demonstrators said that two officers from the GBAO prosecutor’s office, who had allegedly been involved in extortion of money and products from local traders, were beaten in GBAO’s Roshtqala district on March 14, “and we have gathered here to draw attention of the regional government to arbitrary behavior from officers of the local law enforcement agencies.”  The GBAO governor as well as regional chief prosecutor and heads of the GBAO police and security directorates met with representatives of the demonstrators to consider their demands.  The meeting lasted about two or two and half hours and the demonstrators then disbursed.